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Access Control

MS Tech Solutions work with wide range manufacturers to deliver advanced access control system solutions. Some can be as simple as key pads or single door magnetic stripe locking devices, while others are sophisticated software database-driven enterprise systems controlling building access across the globe.

We have integrated biometrics readers, smart cards, and radio frequency identification devices into our client’s systems. In addition, access control systems can integrate with video surveillance management systems.
Our access control solutions help organizations ensure that employees always have access to their assigned areas at the appropriate times while protecting corporate information and property.

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Biometrics can be integrated into access control systems including technologies that measure and analyze human body characteristics, such as fingerprints, eye retinas, and irises, plus facial patterns and hand measurements. These unique digital profiles can be used to provide an additional level of security by requiring secondary authentication.

Electronic Barriers & Perimeter Detection

Electronic barriers, perimeter detection, and enforcement systems provide the greatest perimeter protection while allowing the proper flow of personnel traffic. Like other electronic security devices, they can be integrated into both access control systems and video management systems.

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