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Keyless Entry

Unlike with keys or cards, when hotel guests wear an RFID wristband empowered as an electronic room key, they never have to worry about where they left it or where to place it while enjoying your facility. It’s always on the wrist, which eliminates lost keys and increases security. By simply presenting the wristband to the RFID-enabled door lock, each guest has secure access to his or her hotel room or after-hours hotel entrance.

The same RFID wristband may also be used to rent lockers, or access gym  facilities and business centers. These added conveniences are proven in the industry to enhance the overall guest experience.

  • RFID-enabled door locks are also a cost-effective alternative to other door lock choices.
  • Unlike common magnetic stripe card key door locks that collect dirt and require regular maintenance, RFID is a contactless interface, which reduces maintenance and saves your staff time.
  • The electronic door lock may also increase accountability of employees by monitoring who entered a room, the time of entry, and duration of stay.

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