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Access Control

RFID contactless technology is rapidly gaining adoption in physical access control and other applications due to its key benefits over other access credential technologies.
Data security can be greatly increased with the use of security encryption keys based on tag UID numbers, which also reduce the possibility of duplicating credentials.

Secure or proprietary communication protocols can also be used to further enhance security.


Contactless Wristbands

MS Tech Solutions Intelligent wristbands are an economical and user-friendly credential for a variety of access control applications where cards, fobs or biometrics are inconvenient, or don’t offer the security required



The contactless nature of Intelliband is simple to use and reduces maintenance costs when compared to biometric or magnetic stripe authentication. Turnstiles or portal gate systems take advantage of faster reading and authentication to improve throughput.


The non-transferable nature of Intelliband is another great advantage for access control and guest identification applications. One-time use, secure wristband fasteners prevent unauthorized transfer of privileges, and when used with logic based access control systems, can limit the possibility of “passing-back” a wristband to other patrons.

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