MS Tech & Scansource Successful Collaboration Event

MS Tech Solutions recently collaborated with Scansource to host a tech talk and cocktail event showcasing its innovative tech-based security solutions.

The launch was hosted at the ATL Audi Showroom, Oxford Road, New Kingston, and was filled to capacity with company representatives from a section of industries, government officials, as well as partner firms Scansource and Avaya.

At the launch it gave way to introducing the technology team behind the JamaicaEye Project, which is being implemented by the Ministry of National Security (MNS).

JamaicaEye comprises an islandwide network of camera surveillance systems designed to increase the safety of all citizens. These cameras combine to monitor public spaces across the island and assist the authorities in responding to incidents, in the event of an accident, disaster, or act of criminality.

Minister of Science and Technology Dr Andrew Wheatley, praised the work of the company and its CEO.

It gives me great pleasure to be here today celebrating a young man who not only achieved success for himself in the field of technology, but has also created a space where other Jamaicans may also flourish,

In order to keep up with the rest of the world, and truly prosper Jamaica, we must implement technology as a part of its foundation. That requires infrastructure, and what MS Tech is doing with the Jamaica Eye Programme and its other projects is a sure sign that we are headed in the right direction.

-Dr Andrew Wheatley (Minister of Science and Technology

Mario Sparkes (MS Tech CEO) stated that while the company is a relatively small firm, it has created a proven track record of performance.

“I consider us very fortunate that, despite our embryotic size, organisations such as Digicel and now the Government of Jamaica, with this JamaicaEye project, have decided to give us a chance to really prove ourselves,” he said.

He also noted that what MS Tech has done with Jamaica Eye was a first for both Jamaica and the Caribbean.

“And we are so proud to have been the ones driving that innovation,” he added.

The pubic was invited to link with JamaicaEye, if they have a camera system outside their office, facing a public space. They can help by registering the cameras with the project to share their camera feed.

MS Tech was responsible for crafting the software underpinning the programme, as well as providing and maintaining its physical infrastructure.

ScanSource, Inc is a leading global provider of technology products and solutions, focusing on point-of-sale (POS), payments, barcode, physical security, unified communications and collaboration, cloud and telecom services.